METS 2011


  • METS 2011

Dulon Marine will join the METS 2011.

As a big player in the World Wide Marine maintenance branch, Dulon Marine always pursues to develop, produce and sell the best marine maintenance products available. A very good example is our unique en top-quality 2-component Boat Care system DULON 1&2 which is used by private-consumers and professionals in the marine branch for many years.

To maintain our top position, we constantly work on improving and refining our products and therefore Dulon Marine will introduce a complete new, refined and improved product line for 2012. New added products, refined and improved existing products, more logical and obvious product names, colored product categories, the new developed and unique C.R.P.(clean-restore-protect) product indicator system, more prominent packaging, more understandable labels with more and better information are the foundation of the new line. All the products are based on the latest technology and materials and granted after long period of thorough developing and testing, to guarantee the well known Dulon Marine top quality characteristics.

During the METS Marine Equipment Trade Show 2011 at Amsterdam-Holland, 15-17 November we will introduce the new line of products and therefore we invite you to visit the Dulon Marine stand (01.209) to explain you all about the new Dulon Marine product line 2012. If you want to visit the METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show) please contact us to receive your entrance badge or surf to the METS-registration