Dulon F10 Mild HD


A Brighter Future…Through Smarter Products”

Dulon International, a well established international operating company in the marine, automotive and industrial market, is known to be a company that invests in eco-friendly solutions in the field of waste management. Dulon is anticipating for future changes and needs in different areas. These areas are not just legislative, but also environmental issues and future product requirements. Hence our company slogan: “A brighter future through smarter products”. Over the years, Dulon established a network of more than 20 strategically located fulfillment and service centers that provide coverage to a majority of the offshore  producing and exploration areas worldwide. This distribution network benefits both from global inventory visibility managed by SAP and employees that are highly skilled in process, systems, products and sourcing.

For the industrial market, Dulon developed a maintenance product; Dulon F10 mild HD which is an eco-friendly, fully biodegradable rig wash  to clean heavily polluted areas,  whilst still being completely safe  for use on metal parts, rubber, plastics and all paintwork.  This unique rig wash is water based, environmentally safe, human safe, time saving and has a strong cleaning ability without needing post-treatment.  Due to its unique composition, there are no regulations  & safety phrases as well as no regulations on transport & storage. This powerful and effective product delivers commercial benefits to the industry by cutting down the amount of chemical waste for disposal, by reducing the man-hours spent on maintenance due to the easy spray-on spray-off working method. Most importantly, it minimises the time lost due to maintenance shut-down and equipment failure. Dulon’s F10 mild HD possesses all necessary approvals. Dulon strives to enlarge its knowledge by cooperating with third parties that have a good understanding of changes in legislation, environmental issues and new technologies; all this is to provide our clients with well documented and tested products.

Cost saving and inventory management plays a prominent role in the oil industry. Dulon’s innovative attitude and a problem solving mentality led to the development of a patented blending machine and a two-component concentrate. This combination practically rules out logistics issues & costs involved when supplying a rig. This is an extra advantage for rigs operating in remote areas.

We are confident that Dulon F10 mild HD will meet your needs and we are willing to offer you a free demonstration of Dulon F10 mild HD on your own equipment, or we can send you free samples to test. We are also inviting you to challenge our R&D department to solve your cleaning problems. Please visit our website: www.dulon.com for more information, downloads of certificates, MSDS sheets and approvals.