Dulon International

From 1988, Dulon International, a Netherlands based company, has demonstrated its commitment to a sustainable future through the development of advanced cleaning and maintenance products and solutions which are cost-effective, safe to work with and which have a minimal environmental impact.



Dulon provides customer focused solutions for effectively removing contamination with hydrocarbon based products from a variety of surfaces, resulting in a minimum amount of waste.  The customer benefits from Dulon’s products and solutions include: reduced waste disposal, reduced maintenance  and most importantly reduction of lost time due to maintenance shut-downs and equipment failure.

World class exploration, production and service companies in the oil and gas industry recognize the value of Dulon and its commitment to acquire and develop new cleaning and maintenance solutions for oil rigs, pipelines, tankers, refineries, storage tanks, road  tankers, service stations and other equipment, which meet all customer and government requirements now and in the future.

A worldwide distribution and service network secures the instant availability of Dulon´s high performance products and solutions, which has prompted many customers to grant Dulon International the status of global supplier. Dulon has developed a  mixing unit as a supporting solution for the local blending of cleaning and maintenance products from a concentrated mixture and water, reducing storage space and transport expenses.

“We clean the world”  

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Dulon F10 HD

Dulon F10 HD (Heavy Duty) concentrate

Dulon F10 HD is a concentrated low foaming alkaline cleaner for the professional treatment of oil and gas rigs. The product can easily be diluted with water or even seawater. Apply Dulon F10 HD general purpose cleaner as a 5 to 25% solution, depending on the surface to be treated and the degree of contamination. Dulon F10 HD is a clear liquid having a characteristic odour.


Dulon Eco Safe Rig Wash

DULON ECO SAFE RIGWASH, Certificated by CEFAS as Gold (HQ = 0.204), NL HMCS Prescreening category: R and has no substitutable substances. With stronger cleaning abilities and less environmental impact this product is unique and will guaranty safe cleaning for the future.

Maintenance Indicator

The Maintenance Indicator will generate the best possible product to clean a specific surface or contamination.